The Neupanel Philosophy

Nature Inspired . Language of Love . Living Legacy

Inferencing from nature, our Neupanel Philosophy adopts Inspirations , Love and Legacy as its three cornerstone values. They are entrenchment of our founder’s belief that shapes our design nuances over time. Enriching interior spaces, our wood panels are personas who engage with you, dynamic design dialogue in a language of love. Our vocabulary capture s Neupanel’s spirit which its sole intent is to create comfortable personal spaces that are thematically specific and aesthetically pleasing.

The definition of good design can be notoriously difficult. We understand... Hence, we are here to make amend of what nature cannot accommodate with its short lived beauty. Just one panel and your space is changed, altering mood, creating vibes.

Nature inspired, the Neupanel philosophy embodies the art of living which plays a big role in your designs. To celebrate nature as part of man’s interior design, we have used sustainable manufacturing technologies to lovingly craft wood panels that you can used to actualise your design concepts . Your designs can lift the human fragility and hence your designs are a living legacy. We do our part by innovating a full range of patterns. Through our retail and pre order range, we endeavour to satisfy even the quirkiest taste and design infatuation.

We are Neupanel and hence forth , let our philosophy of design frolics in a journey with you!



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